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Welcome to yet another evolution of Avalon at Arcadia, my home on the web. This site will primarily be an archive of my writings, but I have decided to add my art and photography as well, and perhaps in the future any fanvids I make. For now, it's not much to look at (it's new!) but over time this site will continue to grow and look better. Just as a warning, the Art and Photography page is graphic heavy so beware if you have a low-speed internet connection. This also goes for the Fan-Mulitmedia page.

For backup on my stories, please visit my or accounts or go to the old Avalon site. I will continue to update both those sites with stories as I go along.

On the contact page you will find ways to contact me via email and instant messanger. However, I will not put my snail mail address or phone number (I think you can figure out why).

During Novemeber, I partispate in NANO so I will be keeping a word-counter on this page with weekly updates of my progress. This site will also be the first to see the chapters once I am finished other then my livejournal.

Sokorra Lewis

* Page contains audio background.

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 All writings on this website are copyrighted to 1) the originaters of the original materal and 2) myself as I wrote the actual stories located here. So please do not steal my work. All artwork and photography is also mine.

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