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Welcome to where I'll archive my writings in the future. For now this is just an index that links you to the stories on outside archives such as, Wraithbait and Until all stories are linked, the heading will take you to the online account that has the most stories on it (Fanfiction and Fictionpress). Please use those until all my links can be gathered and incorporated.

I have organized it into categories according to what original material it comes from and then in what series they are in. Original fiction is listed at the bottom. Crossovers are listed in thier seperate fandom categories as well as in a seperate list for those specifically looking for crossovers. A crossover by my defination is 2 or more fandoms. A SG-1/SGA fic is NOT a crossover by this defination. However, the story will be listed in both categories.

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Fan fiction

Stargate SG-1

Memories of the Past
(Daniel/Vala, AU) Vala Mal-Doran has began to get strange dreams, one that brings up memories of her past and replay them in exact detail. When the team finds out what the cause of the dream is, they must rush to save Vala's life and keep her from being overcomed by an old foe of hers. (Rated T) WIP.

Every Time I Look At You
(Sam/Jack, Season 8) This is an episode tag for the Season 8 episode "Gemini". Sam is still wrestling with the aftereffects of being fooled by her Replicater twin and has a late night conversation with Jack. (Rated K) Complete.

(Daniel/Vala, Season 9-10) With him, she finally felt content. (Rated K) Complete.

That Vala Girl
(Daniel/Vala, Shepard/Vala, Season 10) This is an episode tag for Season 10 episode "The Pegasus Project" and therefore a crossover with SGA. Colonel Sheppard expresses interest in Vala, but Ronon Dex is a bit more observant. (Rated K). Complete. Part of the Dora storyline.

Mama Said
(Daniel/Vala, Season 10) Though out her life, Vala has not understood what her mother meant when she gave her the signs of being in love. Now she understood. (Rated K) Complete.

The Pawn
(Tomin/Vala, Daniel/Vala, Season 9-10) After the events of Flesh and Blood, Tomin thinks over what has happened. Long Drabble. (Rated K). Complete.

(Daniel/Vala, Sam/Jack, Season 10) Tag to the episode "Uninvited". Vala and Daniel's relationship through their eyes and their friends.*WIP...Not yet posted*

(Daniel/Vala, Sam/Jack and Sam/Vala Friendship. Set in the Future) Sam and Vala are captured and made to believe they are the only survivors. Their rescuers want to know their memories as hosts which Leeds them to wonder if it was all a lie.*WIP...Not yet posted*

The Bedtime Stories Series:

The King and the Princess (Sam/Jack)

— The Prince and the Pirate (Coming Soon, Daniel/Vala)

— THe Knight and the Healer (Coming Soon, Cameron/Carolyn)

— Teal'c's story (Yet untitled, Coming soon, Teal'c/Ishta)

Untitled NANO 2006 Fic: (On Site link)
SG-1 travels to a planet that claims to have once been Vala Maldoran's homeworld. However the gate is problematic and Daniel, Vala and Cameron are left on the planet waiting for the others to come and take them back home. Takes place post season 10 (written during mid season so some things are speculative spoilers) No rating as of yet.

This did not get completed during NANO 2006 and the word count was slightly over 36.000 at the end of the month so it also did not complete the 50,000 goal. But I got further along then I have in the past so I am happy with what I did.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6
  Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10  


Stargate Atlantis

(Rodney/Elizabeth, Elizabeth/John AU to Season 1's "The Seige" )Rodney muses about his life post Atlantis, and how much everything has changed since they failed to keep the city. The events of "The Seige" do not go as well. (Rated G), Complete. Nominated for an ISIS Award in 2006.

Missing Pieces
(Rodney/Elizabeth, John/Dora). This is the sequel to "Obession," and is the story of reunion as told by Dora Spinnet, a newcomer to the Pegasus galaxy. She's finally stoped running and the pieces are falling back together. (Rated G) Complete.

What May Come
(Rodney/Elizabeth, John/OC, AU after Season 1) Amelia Grayson has been working on Atlantis five years before she is told the truth. She's part of the royal line of the Atlantis monarchy and as such has to protect the city against her tyrannical Aunt who wishes to "purify it". Adventure ensures. (Rated PG-13) WIP

The Baby Room
(Rodney/Elizabeth, John/OC, AU to Season 3). After Dr. Kavanagh finds a mysterious room, Elizabeth and three members of AR-1 investigate it only to pass out. John, Dora Spinnet and Dr. Zelenka try thier best to investigate what happened only to find some interesting surprises. (Rated PG-13) WIP.

(Rodney/Elizabeth, John/OC) Rodney and Elizabeth partisapate in a marriage ceremony unknowingly and end up unable to leave ten feet of each other afterwords. John and Dr. Kiana Roberts are forced to return to the planet in hopes of finding a way to annul the marriage before the space turns to zero. (Rated PG-13). WIP

The Lady's Escapades
(Gen) John and AR-1 come back from a mission dressed most unusually. Humor. (Rated G) Complete for now.

(Rodney/Elizabeth) While celebrating the harvest, the gang stumble onto an interesting artifact. (McWeir Ficathon 2006 entry) (Rated G) Complete.

Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Liz-Verse series:
A series of fics involving Fred and Spike's daughter Elizabeth (Lizzie). These include stories that take place in the same timeline, but before she was born. I have them listed in order of the time line. The first written is "The Perfect Life" though. All are rated PG unless otherwise noted. All are completed unless otherwise noted.


The Perfect Life

Christmas Time Again

Shattered Glass* +

Some Assembly Required*

* Work in Progress + Rated PG-13

Midnight Worries
(Wes/Faith, AU) Wes has trouble sleeping with so many thoughts on his mind. (Rated G) Complete.

New Years
(Spike/Fred, Season 5) Spike is surprised when Fred decides to spend the last minutes of the year with him. (Rated G) Complete.

The Best He'd Ever Had
(Lindsey/Several) Lindsey visits Cordelia's grave and mourns a romance never achieved. (Rated G) Complete.

(Wes/Faith and Spike/Fred if you want a ship, Season 5). The group comes together to mourn a friend. One of my first fics, so some OoC actions. (Rated G) Complete.

Harry Potter

(Hermione/Blaise, Draco/Ginny Post Hogwarts)Hermione enjoys a cold treat.(Rated G) Complete.

Moonlight Valentine
(Remus/OC) Marietta Black had left over a decade ago and she now returns to find if she can ever repair the damage she caused by leaving. (Rated PG) Complete.

(Petunia Multi-ship, AU after book 5)Petunia Evans-Dursley reflects on her life and makes a major decision that will affect everyone including Harry. (Rating PG) Complete.

A World Without You series:
A series of one-shots following Draco and Ginny Malfoy on thier anniversery as they try and figure out where their relationship is going and wither there is one there to save. (Rated PG) Complete.

A World Without You 1

A World Without You 2: Photographs

A World WIthout You 3: Brand New Day

Another Romeo and Juliet
(Draco/Ginny, Misc Other Ships Post Hogwarts)The final battle with Voldemort leaves Harry mourning the loss of a particular couple and wondering why it had to be them. (Rated PG) Complete.

(Draco/Ginny Post Hogwarts)Draco applys to the personal ads in a newspaper in order to liven his life up a bit, only to find out he doesn't need to. Based on the song "Escape (Pina Colada Song)". (Rated PG) Complete.

Trail of Fears
(Multi-ship, Several OCs, AU) It's Harry's seventh year and without even a week gone by, things are already heating up for him and his friends. Add in some soap-operaseque plot twists for the adults and the return of some long believed dead people and things are turning out to be what no one expected. (Rated PG-13) WIP


Star Wars

A Jedi's Beloved



The Kate Series
A series of stories that follow Kate through seasons 1 & 2.

Telephone (Yankee White)

Who Knew? Series

This is a universe where Kate does not die in Twilight, and Ziva joins the team as a partner for McGee. Major Spoilers for seasons 1-3 with minor character backstory spoilers for the other seasons. Multi-ship. Mulitstory. Mostly rated PG-13



Book III


Heavy Hearted Words

Original Fiction


Whispers on a Mist

Short stories

The Boy King

The Wing

Chapter length

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