My Favorite Links

Here is a list of my favorite websites. For my favorite music vids, songs and fanfic stories, please see my rec journal. This page is going to be just general sites I like and so forth.

This is a popular fanfiction archive. It has stories for a mulitude of fandoms and you can usually start there.

This is's sister site. This site contains original works of fiction. Its a good place to get some early critiquing in.

Barnes and Nobles

My favorite bookstore! Not much to say about this except they have good shipping deals and offer alot of books and movies. While not as extensive as Amazon, I trust them a bit more to get me my books on time. They are now starting a used book program as well.

I have currently 4 livejournals. 1 actual journal, 1 writing journal, 1 notetaking journal and 1 rec journal. I just enjoy it so thats why it's here. Personally I like LJ better the MySpace but to everyone thier own preferance.

My favorite Enterprise fic archive, specifically for Trip/T'pol fans


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