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me!This is the page where we talk all about me (the girl in the really bad picture to the left). I suppose I should tell you that my real name is Jessica and not Sokorra. Sokorra is a name came from a friend of mine who was interested in numerology (while I'm not) and wanted to get me a name using it. I liked the sound of the name, but changed a few letters (Sahkora means cherry blossom in Japanese I believe) and hence Sokorra was born. My last name isn't Lewis but I don't feel it's necessary to reveal what my real last name is. Lewis is the last name of a character from a favorite movie of mine called "A Life Less Ordinary."

I was born in Pennsylvania, United States where I still reside today. I am 23 years old and my birthday is January 9th. I have two younger sisters, and am the aunt of two nephews. I want to work as a web designer or in a bookstore.

My favorite style of music...well, pretty much everything. The only genres I dislike really is rap or scream-metal music but occasionally a song comes on that I don't mind. My favorite bands are Bon Jovi, The Beatles and Kiss though if you want something more specific. I enjoy alot of TV, mostly sci-fi like the Trek shows or Stargate, and crime dramas that also deal with the characters and not just the victim-of-the-week. I do have a strong dislike of Battlestar Galactica. My favorite movie is Apollo 13, which I find to be one of the most interesting true story movies. I recommand it to anyone.

I'm a writer by hobby. Granted, you probably already knew that, but in case you didn't, I am. I'm not exactly a great writer but I love what I do even if I don't love the story. I'm currently in college trying to earn a degree in Graphic Design (which is part of the reason this new evolution come about) and most of the time enjoy what I'm learning.

My writing is kinda a mix-match of genres. I mostly write fan fiction right now but occasionally I do start an original story. If you go the index of my writing, you'll find that I write fan fiction for multiple fandoms, with Stargate, Angel, and Harry Potter being the top ones. I am for the most part no longer writing Harry Potter fan fiction, but other categories will still be used. I threaten my friends with weird fanfic sometimes (like a Harry/Millicent Bulstrode fic and then a Clerks II fic. My sister forbade me from writing that one). My newest fandoms are Greek and NCIS. My original fiction is comprised of mostly poems right now. I do have two completed short stories though, although one is due for some revision!

I've recently come to love photography, in particular black and white darkroom photography. It's a fun process although I still will never like doing the film processing. I'm considering going to digital but for now, I enjoy film more. If you want to see some of my photographs, please check my Art/photography index which contains my original photography and art. I am currently working on a photography portfolio, but some of my pictures will end up on that page. I am also starting a series of drawings of mythical/fictional women, such as Ophelia (Hamlet), Persephone (Greek Mythology) and Elaine De Corbenic (King Arthur). My fanart can be found on my fan multimedia page.

I also have an interest in classic movies. This is a genetic trait it seems because it is also something I share with my grandmother. I "work" as a research coordinator and staff writer for her internet magazine dedicated to the classic age of film Arabella & Co. I write an article for the for the magazine called "The Worker Bees" about the crew who put the movies together which appears in every other issue. Check the website for more details on what the site is about (I did not do the webdesign for that website, that credit goes to someone else whose details are on the website). If you are interested in film its a wonderful site to view with lots of information. We publish six issues a year, and now include a section on modern Actors who will be tomorrow's legends which is an interactive feature of the site and appears in every other issue (in between Worker Bees).

I run several websites including fansites for Nelson Eddy, Jeanette MacDonald, Tyrone Power and The Beatles.

To hear more about me, you can go to my livejournal: Ladybeth.

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