This is the page where I will describe any updates done to my home page. This includes summeries for newly updated chapters, links to newest additions on any page and alerts to any changes involving anything already here. Click on the date to see the updates for that week.

· 8/30/2007  · 3/19/2009

March 19, 2009

Mucho updates this time. Mostly because I was busy with school and life and was unable to focus on this. Webdesign might be my future career, but sadly this is a hobby mroe then a job. So work first, play later.

1. About Sokorra updated

2. Contact information updated

3. NY gallery deleted for now

4. Links updated.

5. Mulitmedia updated with icons and such

6. Fiction updated

7. Recommandation page deleted and changed to blog

August 30 , 2007

Since this is a new location, I've deleted all the previous updates. If you come across a page with a form DO NOT USE IT. The forms currently are not working since I need to find a form reader.

Also, apparently Tripod, in its lovelyness, does not like layers. It smooshes them. I'm working on correcting this problem but you may find pages with this feature (my ny gallery and the fanfiction page) to look odd.

This website is a Work-In-Progress.

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