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A Caitlin Todd AU

Who Knew

Who Knew? is an NCIS AU that begins at the end of SWAK and takes Kate down another path where she lives to see season three as well as form a frienship with Ziva David. There are several stories in this universe, some one-shots, others chapter fics.

This story was started in March 2009 when I was babysitting a family member while my Grandmother and cousins went to another cousin's wedding. It was Spring Break and I got bite by a writing bug and managed to complete a full length story in a month. I had never done this before. Nor had I written one quite as long as this one.

The stories were not written in order of the NCIS timeline, so there is a timeline page where you can follow the stories in order that they happen in the lives of the characters. The main stories are on Chapter Fics, while the one-shots I call intermissions are on another. But links to all are on the Timeline page.

There are a group of OCs that are important to the story, and to introduce them I created the "About the Characters" page.



Sasha's Cover - Who Knew
by Sasha Perrette