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A Caitlin Todd AU


Timeline of Events


The Best Things Happen While You Are Dancing (Eye For An Eye)

Tony takes Kate dancing while they wait for thier plane out of Paragauy. (PG-13, Kate/Tony)

Book 1: Who Knew? (SWAK - Kill Ari Pt 2)

After nearly watching Tony die from the Plague, Kate Todd's life begins to resemble a roller coaster ride as she looses a good friend, deals with Ari chasing after her, a new Director and of course there is the fact that she's pregnant. (PG-13, Kate/Tony, Gibbs/Jen, McGee/Abby, OC/OC)

Untitled (None specified...between seasons)

Tony has a dream where things didn't turn out quite as they did. (PG-13, Kate/Tony, Character Death)

Book II:Thinking of You (Mind Games)

Kate and Ziva investigate one of Becca's cases left open and find out its more then just a routine drug case.It also leads Kate to reuniting with her ex-fiancee, Will. Meanwhile Gibbs face a serial killer from his past with the help of the rest of the gang, and Paula Cassidy.
(PG-13, Kate/Tony, Gibbs/Jen, McGee/Abby, Palmer/OC, Kate/Other).

Book III: Untitled