Ad Infinitem by Shipperfy (Stargate SG-1)

Title: Love and Other Accidents ( Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen))
Author: paperclipz
Rating: T, Romance
Author's Summery: A modern P and P. Darcy and Bingley are musicians trying to find material for their new album in a rural college town...where they meet the Bennet twins who are surviving college together. Lizzy's a photographer, and Jane's a med student.

Reason for Rec: I just love this modern adaption. It goes along with the story without taking too drastic a step away from the original version. It also gives Lydia a better ending. She's the flirty girl we all know in the beging but she does actually grow up in this story. It also goes beyound the P&P story to show us a little of what went on between the scenes. I enjoyed this story. It's now finished. It also has a lot of references to poetry since Will & Charlie use poetry for their music.

Title: Nostalgic Dawn (House)
Author yellowNight
Rating: K+ (General)
Ship: None unless you are very creative with your imagination. Friendship between Wilson and Chase
Author's Summery: Wilson lit another cigarette, “It’s funny. I gave up smoking as soon as I finished med school. Fifteen years later and I’m chain smoking on the roof of a building at dawn. Some things never change, I guess.” [Post No Reason, WilsonChase friendship]

Jess' Reason for Rec'ing: I read this because I was happy to see there is such a thing as a Chase fic with no slash or Chase/Cameron. I like it because it took two characters who have little screen time together and gave them a moment of friendship. It takes place after "No Reason" and has the two finding a moment of peace on the roof. Also gives insight into Wilson and House's friendship and how Chase sees his boss.

Title: His Girl Friday (Angel)
Author: Misty Flores
Rating: M (Humor/Romance)
Author's Summery: So 'Happily Ever After' didn't last forever, and now Cordelia's ready to move past the mission, and on with her life, without Angel Investigations. Course, intent is always easier than execution, especially when Angel and company, aren't ready to let her go.

Why It's Rec'd: I just enjoy this story. It's Cordelia/Angel as it's main pairing and I usually try to avoid those but Misty is one author who makes me read it. Mostly because she writes a wonderful side of Wes/Faith. Particularly in this fic. I really wish she would write the backstory of those two characters because the little bit of it that you read sounds like a good story. Fred/Gunn and Lindsey/Beth finish off the pairings in this story.

Cordelia has divorced Angel, and goes to tell him she is remarrying. She brings along her fiancee Douglas, whom Wes and Faith mess around with. Angel gets Cordelia involved on a case involving Beth and she goes up against the Wolfram and Hart gang with the Help of Lindsey. Its humorous (Angel gets life insurance!) yet true to the characters for the most part. I love her characterizations of Faith and Wes. Big Spoiler ) Its a very well written story, as is most of Misty's works. So if you enjoy this story, visit the author's page and read some of her other works.

Title:You Come To Casablanca for the Waters (Stargate SG-1)
Author: Thea (the story links to her journal)
Genre: Friendship, Team (Some romance if you look hard enough)
Author's Summery: SG-1 S.10. G rated. Post Memento-Mori, Pre-The Quest

Reason for it being here: I just read this story a few minutes ago. It's a great team fic and really speaks about thier relationship with each other, and with each of thier pasts. It's written in Cam's POV and I like how he feels disconnected even though it's been a year. He's still learning to be part of the family here, even as he knows certian things automatically like any brother/sister would. Also Vala characterization was good. Sam seemed the only character I didn't get a good feel on, as it seemed to focus primarily on Cam, Val, and Daniel. Teal'c and Sam seemed to fade into the background a bit, but not too much as the Vala-Teal'c interaction is good.

Plus it really made me want to drink some tea.



Not today, Sharpshooter (AVI File, 3,438 KB)

This is the promo for the 3/10 season of Stargate. It stars Joe Flanigan as John Sheppard. I just loved the idea for this series of commericals and since John is my favorite character most of the time on SGA, I liked this one the best. It should play in Windows Media Player.

Here is a YouTube version for those who have trouble downloading the AVI file. You may need to activate your ActiveX controls to see this version.




Golden Days by David Bowie. (WMA File, 3.25MB)

I searched my audio library on my computer for a song that would sound good on here and got this one. Its off one of the CDs I have of his, but I'm not sure which one right now. I do know its on the "A Knight's Tale" Soundtrack. Its one of my favorite songs of his, along with "Choices" and the songs from "The Labyrinth". This file should play in WMP.

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